13 Steps to Be Well

Each step is presented in stories of real parents with real families who have successfully overcome real obstacles on their paths to living better. Learn more about the steps

STEP 1: Get Started Learn more
STEP 2: Get Smarter Learn more
STEP 3: Lead by Example Learn more
STEP 4: Drop Liquid Calories Learn more
STEP 5: Eat Real Food Learn more
STEP 6: Increase Fruits & Veggies Learn more
STEP 7: Limit All Screen Time Learn more
STEP 8: Get Moving Learn more
STEP 9: Get More Sleep Learn more
STEP 10: Make Friends & Buddy Up Learn more
STEP 11: Go to School Learn more
STEP 12: Spark a Community Effort Learn more
STEP 13: Reflect & Re-Plan Learn more
I believe there is nothing more important than giving your children the gift of wellness. The results will last a lifetime.
Susan Dell

Co-founder & Chairman of the Board, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation - Read Susan's bio at msdf.org

Families can play a big role in combatting and reversing childhood obesity and help kids become healthier adults.
President Bill Clinton

Co-Founder, Alliance for a Healthier Generation healthiergeneration.org