Razer DeathAdder

Razer DeathAdder

Bewellbook –¬†DeathAdder is known as one of the dangerous snakes because it has poison that can cause things we do not want, even death. This is the description of one of Razer’s toy mice that we’ve known for a long time since its appearance. DeathAdder started around 2006, from an infrared sensor mouse with an accuracy rate of only 1800 dpi. In those days, the DeathAdder gaming mouse was quite popular and did indeed become poison to gamers at that time, but over time, more and more competitive products affected the toxic ferocity of DeathAdder. Answering that DeathAdder continued to evolve by following the needs of game development at that time, increasing specifications and hardware changes became commonplace for peripheral game makers who maintained the exclusivity of the design of their products. To this day, DeathAdder remains a popular product for its loyal users. Not long ago, we heard about the birth of the latest DeathAdder variant that allegedly entered the Chroma line from https://www.driversrazer.com/, where this DeathAdder is a bit more colorful compared to the previous variant.


The DeathAdder Chroma play mouse has a good ergonomic design, of course for handheld mouse users, but it is also comfortable to use by people who want to use the claw style. With a relatively medium size, this mouse is still very popular with gamers in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, who prefer the palm rest style when using their mouse. For everyday use DeathAdder Chroma is easy to use, although we use a claw style while using this mouse, it does not hinder our activities at all, the texture rubber grip layer is placed in the right position, it does not have to be large , but being in the right position really supports a variety of mouse grip styles.

Equipped with a new, more powerful sensor, DeathAdder Chroma can be one of your ideal friends to play various game genres, such as FPS, which requires a degree of accuracy of mouse movements, which can of course be handled well by a mouse that is accurate level of up to 10,000 dpi. to play games that take some time per round like Dota or Lol or even WoW, do not worry about fatigue, because a good ergonomic design supports long-term use. Using the software is fairly easy and complete, you can get various commands that you think will be very useful in your game session, such as commitments, namely macros.


The Chroma variant in several recently introduced Razer products does not bring a fresh new design, but the addition of the name and LED effect to the product if you do not dig further. The proof is that Razer has not released a new design for its Chroma variant instead of just using an existing model and making a few touches here and there, but that’s not a big deal for loyalists. Razer users do not.

The choice of DeathAdder as one of the game mouse variants that gets the Chroma frill is not entirely right, but it is not exactly right; it may be a gift for right-handed mouse gamers and DeathAdder by the end of the year, but what about the gamer mouse that actively uses his left hand? maybe there are other Chroma variants popping up in the near future? Can be.

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