Know the Mistakes of Online Dating Scams

Bewellbook – The increasing number of singles and singles and who claim to be single. More and more online dating apps are appearing or are commonly called dating apps, making it easy for us to get to know each other with other people in our own country and from different countries. This is very interesting, especially in the era of digitalisation, it does not limit us to know the country we usually see on TV or on the internet immediately, but now we can talk directly to its inhabitants.

In Apps Dating we can find friends to chat instantly, whether it is for friendship purposes or more. In fact, we know that there are those who have managed to establish serious relationships up to the marriage level, which started with the introduction of Online on these Dating Apps. But there is a point … These dating can get very bad because it is used as a country for scammers to make innocent and friendly singles the target for online scams. It was a very immoral crime. And they are committing fraud not alone, but with a conspiracy. How did the innocent and friendly singles cheat not only one person but also a gang? I do not know how it feels …: ‘(

And those among you who are friends with someone on Apps Dating should be careful with your online acquaintances. Indeed, not all are scammers, I hope you will find kind-hearted friends like you there. But still be aware and take good care of yourself and your heart. Well? 😉

This is the era of modernization, digitalization, not the Stone Age living in the time of people who do not have a bank account or digital wallet, right? Now it’s easy if you want to send money? You can transfer money through a bank, in Indonesia there are also international banks, there is Western Union, there are digital wallets, for example Paypal, etc. School children now pay tuition fees via transfers, no parents have yet placed their tuition fees on the monthly SPP checklist. If you have an online boyfriend or girlfriend, you say you put money in the package. This means that he is a very, very idea and ancient man who lived in the modern era. It has already been confirmed that 10000% cheat !

When I heard that the package was being sent to me, he said that the customs would later ask for the tax. And it is true that someone called to ask for money to redeem the package. I requested a receipt / awb number, he indeed sent it along with the link to locate the receipt. The invoice does exist, but the invoice is incorrect. I tried to locate it on the official customs website, but I could not find the receipt / awb number. It was very strange, so I looked up and found the peculiarity of the cargo website. It turns out that the website is a fake website (fake) that is made as accurate as possible like the official website.

Cargo’s company name is Oceanic Cargo Service because I felt something strange. I started searching on Google Search for the keywords for the business, but I could not find anything with the exact same business name. And finally I found the official website called Oceanic Shipping Service. I could not find the tracking receipt / awb number on the official website. It is clear that the fake website creates its own receipt that can be traced on the fake website to convince potential victims. Really a lot of organized crime.

Oceanic Cargo Service Freight Company in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Meanwhile, the sender who sent the package to me comes from Cyprus, Europe. How can the delivery of goods from across countries come about? in my opinion it is also very strange.

Did you see the difference between these two web pages?

The original cargo company Oceanic Shipping Service in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The website page also shows No. Tel, fax, P.O. Box and mobile of the company, use the correct country code and the country code is Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. But what about scammers’ fake website pages? How could No. Can Tel, Fax and PO Box also cross countries? ha ha. Maybe they forgot to replace the others. It’s a clear mistake that the site is fake. And it is clear that the conspiracy was the result of seeing the country code using its phone number.